Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Socks and Violence.....

Here are the socks.....they are a Christmas present for someone, only just finished in time.  The violence nearly came about when I started them last week in a different yarn, worked hard for three nights and then discovered not only did I not have enough yarn left to complete them, but the shop where I bought it no longer had any more.  Luckily in my stash I had a couple of balls of this soft pink and grey and was able to start again using the first grey yarn as a contrasting heel and toe.  Note to self - always CHECK how much yarn you need before you start a large project!

Anyone need one large grey slouch sock?

I'm not doing very well with the Christmas preparations, it's all a bit skin of the teeth at the moment.  We did manage to put the tree up and decorate it yesterday.  Stacie is waiting for Santa already....I hate to tell her that he's not going to bring either Robbie Williams or Matt Cardle to put in her stocking!

A little Christmas puzzle for you - can you spot the Soggibottom bear in this picture?

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Sue Doran said...

The same thing happened to me not so long ago. Laura at beadsbylaura who I know you follow too, suggested I start knitting toes up instead of cuff down. You can then weigh the wool as you go and stop knitting the cuff when you have half of the skein left. I haven't run out since I started doing that.

I can't see a Midge-special anywhere unless it's the smallish brown ornament to the top of the christmas tree above the green bauble ...?