Sunday, 13 November 2011


Here is the other portrait in the pair, ready to go off to it's new owner. Once again, this has been executed using Derwent Drawing Pencils, with white acrylic for the highlights.  This picture whizzed along - sometimes they just flow and it is surprising how quickly they are completed.  Perhaps because I enjoyed it so much due to it's resemblance to my old dog.

Next on the easel is something totally different - a large bright acrylic, yet another Christmas commission.  It will be strangely liberating to paint something large and loose - all my work for the past year or so has been so tight and detailed.


Soggibottom said...

Beautiful, little guy... he's watching a cat isn't he ?
:-) X X X Alive on the page :-) X

Sue said...

I'm constantly amazed at your tiny little creations, but I especially like your art work. These dogs are beautiful and I wish I could have you do some of mine.