Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Christmas Bird...

I'd been asked to make a bird out of Christmas fabric, which gave me the perfect excuse in Boston to visit the discount fabric store not once, but twice.  It was hard to choose between all the wonderfully festive prints, but I had to go with small patterns and colours that coordinated best, so that narrowed it down quite a bit.
His wings and tail have been embroidered with gold thread, and he has a delicate gold crest on top of his head.
He stands about 6 inches high, so will be a fine addition to the Christmas tree next month.  I was hoping to make a few more before the festive season....not too sure whether that will happen or not with the workload I have!
I've been working on the other Cairn terrier portrait this week, which is coming along nicely - Derwent pencils don't like being photographed under artificial light however, but you can see enough.  This has been a bit of a poignant job - this dog's face resembles my late Jasper so much that I find myself getting a little tearful at times.  Silly I know, but drawing something is a very intimate process as you are exploring every aspect so closely.


Soggibottom said...

Where ever this dog portait is going it's come from the heart... you can't get better than that.

Love the birdie... depends on how much it eats !

:-) X X X

Magpie Magic said...

The bird is fab. You MUST make more. I'd love one for my Christmas tree. :-)

The dog portrait is lovely. There's a real depth of emotion there, not that it's lacking usually, but this is particularly touching. It shows how much it means to you! xoxox

fhiona galloway said...

the bird is wonderful! Make a lovely xmas deco.