Sunday, 20 November 2011

Oh Poor Rudolph!

I liked this pattern I invented so much, I knitted another one for sale in my shop.  This one bears more of a resemblance to a reindeer than a stag - different yarn I think.
So if you'd like a mini hunting trophy for your mini stately home (he's roughly 4 x 4 inches, that's 10 cm x 10 cm) then come and visit my shop.
After a horrendously interrupted week which did nothing for my creative juices, yesterday I finally managed to make some decent headway on this painting.  I discovered that adding 'flow enhancer' to the paint water helps to get the colours blending as they should - I find canvas a very difficult ground to work on as it's rough texture does not suit my style of painting.  Thankfully this now seems to be going in the right direction.

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Soggibottom said...

It is beautiful as I expected :-) AH, sad, cos we have no room for a head in here. :-) Especially not after the mouse head Freya brought in a while ago.. DO HOWEVER think you should paint MORE SUNSETS ....
Send them down here and put them in the galleries. WOW XXXXXXXXXX