Saturday, 5 May 2012

All Present And Correct......

One of the great advantages of living with a fellow craftsperson is being able to get them to make the stuff you can't! My DH restores vintage racing cars and is highly skilled when it comes to metal and woodwork.  So when I said I needed wooden bases for the fish-in-bulbs, all I had to do was give a rough description of what I wanted and shazzam, two weeks later I have a bunch of perfect bases ready to be used.  He is a clever chap!

Yesterday I also managed to find the perfect wood varnish, and with an unexpected trip to Hobbycraft (heaven for the crafter...) I also got some terracotta air drying clay for fixing everything in place at the base of the bulbs - we are now good to go!

It's been a week since I held the draw for the prototype goldfish in a bulb and the winner, Caren, still has not been in touch.  I shall give her a few more days but if I still haven't heard by the 10th May, I shall pick another name - I need to know how these guys travel!
Update - new winner has been picked - Marrisa, who has been in touch.
I'm still plugging away at knitting these's not very creative knitting yards and yards of stripes, but it has to be done. I'm past the half-way mark at least.

I have a new painting commission...a portrait of Dangerous Brian!  He's a horse and doesn't look very dangerous to me, but then I don't ride him!

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