Thursday, 3 May 2012


Look at my treasure!  This came in the post today - 40 balls of pretty, pretty crochet cotton - my mind is just exploding with ideas as to how I can use it for tiny knitted sea-creatures.......
This lovely bracelet came in the post last week - it was made for me by Sybille over on Magpie Magic. I love all the jewellery she makes and own several fantastic necklaces that she has made just for me - it's just a shame I can't wear them all at once.  The 'C' on the bracelet is an old typewriter key - reminds me of my days at school learning to type on an ancient manual typewriter that required supreme strength of fingers if you wanted the 'a's to show - those of you who learned to type on a computer keyboard don't know how lucky you are!


Magpie Magic said...

I love your rainbow of crochet cotton. I can see lots of little sea creatures being confined into a lightbulb... LOL

Thanks for the plug with the bracelet. You forgot to mention most of the beads are either vintage or semi precious, e.g. turquoise, dalmation jasper, jade, burri nut, mother of pearl.... and so on... :-)


Caroline B said...

Thanks Sybille - I'm lucky if I can remember who I am at the moment!