Tuesday, 15 May 2012


While clearing out a corner of the living room the other day, I came across an old sketchbook which brought back some happy memories.  This was an experiment in painting teasels and dandelions following a tutorial in a book.
This was sketched sitting in the sand dunes on Braye Bay in Alderney, one of the smallest islands in the Channel Isles.  I spent my teens living here and look back on those years as the happiest in my life.  When I went back some 20 years later, it was incredible to find it so little changed.
The view to the left of where I was sitting for the above sketch.  We used to come down here after school (a couple of minutes walk) for a swim before going home.
Some brief studies drawn in the garden of our current house - can't quite believe I did them, they look a little bit like I knew what I was doing.....
The most poignant of them all, my little dog Jasper (a couple of years dead now) who used to spend all summer long sitting on the edge of the patio gazing into the flower bed.....there used to be a mouse that crossed his path in the evenings and he just sat and watched in fascination.
The agapanthus was one of many that I attempted to grow - never with much success - I buy them, they flower, the winter kills them!

I always say that I don't sketch much - maybe not as much as some artists, but there are these half filled books all over the house and it is surprising how a small pencil drawing can bring back so many memories, more than any photo, probably because it takes time and study to draw whereas a photo is a fleeting glimpse.

I'm in the middle of painting a horse at the moment, and best of all, have just parcelled up and sent off a big box of garter stitch scarves to the USA - perhaps now I will have a few days respite in order to get on with something a bit more interesting!


Sue Doran said...

What lovely memories and how beautifully recorded. I was struck by how transient many of those depicted really are. Some last longer than others, the dandilion clock a few hours, seascapes with the coming and goings of the sea birds change by the second. Gardens are different every day, agapanthus (same here!) And little Jasper, I haven't come across him in the time I've been following your blog, I am so glad to have "met" this little character now. :-)

Magpie Magic said...

Lovely sketches and despite the fact that I love flower drawings the one that touched me the most was that of Jasper, you can see the love in them!


Soggibottom said...

Same old crowd back here on comments I see :-)
The above ladies have said it all.... Cherished sketches all of them...:-)x x x