Sunday, 7 October 2012

Pulling Out All The Stops......

Let's face it, September was not a very good month for me but October is shaping up better so far.  After the year we've had as a family, holidays were pretty much the last thing on our minds, particularly as my partner had such a rough time after his heart attack, with serious side effects due to his medication.  However, with him feeling a whole lot better and the both of us needing to get away for a break, we've booked to go to Boston (yes, I know, again...)for a week.  We feel there is still plenty for us to see and explore  - we really want to discover what lies at the train station 'Wonderland' for one thing - plus it's familiar and easy for my daughter to get around.  We are already so excited - it's given all of us the boost we needed to lift us out of the doldrums.

As there are a few weeks before we go, I have decided to make a huge effort and try to clear my list of oustanding commissions.  Many people have been very kind and said 'whenever you can' but I would like to be able to go away in the knowledge that all my obligations have been fulfilled and come back to a clean slate.  This probably means knitting during every waking moment, but there are worse ways of spending time!  One such commission is a tiny knitted tea set - I'm about half way through that and it's looking good so far.
I have three more of these babies to make, in very garish colours.  I shot myself in the foot a bit here as the design is a lot more involved than previous mascot scarves so takes twice as long to knit.  The end result is hopefully worth it though.
I'm still plugging away knitting items for the animated film - most of them I can't show you as they would give away the secrets of a very original idea, but I think we are safe with a couple of chairs.

No painting commissions at the moment (if you are thinking of a portrait as a Christmas gift, better get in quick!) so if I have a moment, I plan some equine pictures from the slew of photos I took at the Paralympics - there is the local annual exhibition coming up and I have nothing to put in!

So they may have to wheel me out to the plane and throw me in, but at least I'll be going off happy!

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Magpie Magic said...

WOW! You have have been busy. The tea set is coming along nicely and the scarves are your best yet. They look so cool. xoxo