Tuesday, 23 October 2012


I've come to the conclusion I am not your average lady-of-a-certain age - my favourite TV programme at the moment is The Walking Dead and this knitting pattern is just the best thing I've made for a long time.  Maybe it's the proximity of Halloween - which is going to be extra exciting for us this year as we will be spending it somewhere very special - or just my natural grisly leanings, who knows!
Not only do this zombie's guts spill out, his arms come off too.
In fact, he totally goes to pieces...not unlike me at the moment trying to organise a holiday and things are NOT GOING SMOOTHLY! 

All this chap needs now is some tattered clothes - will I have time before Halloween? Maybe....

This pattern can be found in the most excellent book Knit Your Own Zombie - lots of fun to be had here for those of a certain disposition!

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Magpie Magic said...

Love it. How cool.

Take a deeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath, now another one. Now, continue with packing. LOL
Hugs. xoxo