Friday, 2 November 2012

Boston or Bust

Just under a month ago we decided after the tough year we'd had, it was time to organise a last minute holiday - it was a toss up between Boston or New york.  Thank goodness we are cheapskates and opted for Boston......
Our first day (October 26th) looked like this - we didn't even need coats.
October 27th looked like this - the sea was as calm as a mill pond and we went whale watching.  The sun shone the whole way, we saw loads of whales (which I failed to get photos of - they don't hang around!) and even the return journey was not an icy ordeal - I got sunburnt!
On our return to the harbour, I noticed this ominous halo around the sun - we already knew Hurricane Sandy was on it's way, this was nature's way of warning us too.

October 28th, we went to a craft market and the weather was closing in - the tops of the tall buildings were shrouded in cloud, the wind was picking up and the rain started.
Monday 29th was wild!  I have never experienced a wind like it - needless to say we took a walk down to the shore to see what was going on.  The beach by our hotel was fairly sheltered as it is part of a bay, but the water was certainly coming in and we had trouble standing upright on occasion.
This was the playground nearby - those 'planks' under the roofing are the tops of benches.

After a sandwich at a local shop, we went back to the hotel and stayed safe in our room watching films for the rest of the day while the wind howled outside.

We did feel the media made too much of how Sandy was going to affect Boston - yes, it was bad throughout the Monday, but the next morning instead of the predicted continued wind and rain, we awoke to brilliant sunshine.
So we visited Fenway Park, home of the Boston Redsox - well worthwhile taking the tour.
Also visited the boutiques on Newbury St. but felt it was not quite for us so left after a quick walk around.
Saw a huge crowd of sparrows on Boston Common - this is just a small section!
Halloween was another warm dry day, so we headed off to Salem - by train this time.  Stacie was obviously not impressed by this mummy!
We loved this family group - inspired costumes!
This house always does an amazing display - this 'vomit' spewed out every few minutes.  I'll show more pictures another time.
Loved this girl's costume - she stayed in character all day and later on met up with her boyfriend who was also a zombie. Creepy.....
This was the most incredible bookshop I have ever been in - I don't know what you'd do if the book you wanted was at the bottom of a pile.....

We didn't stay for the evening celebrations  - by 4 p.m. we'd had enough and headed back.

November 1st was the day we went home - but as our flight was in the evening, we had time to visit Harvard.  Bob had a spot of bother with one of the faculty.....
Harvard is an amazing place - students there are very lucky indeed.
And finally, we ended up back at the harbour for one final bowl of chowder at Quincy Market, a last minute purchase of salt water taffy and then back to the hotel to await the shuttle to the airport.

We feel very lucky we escaped the brunt of the hurricane - seeing the devastation in New York and New Jersey was a very sobering experience.  I hope they get the help they need as soon as they can.


Sue Doran said...

Gosh, that was a lucky escape but what an amazing trip you had! Great pics, the one of the sun with the halo is well weird!

Magpie Magic said...

I was wondering how you were doing in Boston with the storm. I am so glad you had fun and it didn't hit that hard. xoxo

Soggibottom said...

Love the photo's and the blog post Caroline. Pleased your back home though. X X X