Sunday, 9 December 2012

Ready To Go!

Meet Sydney, the last of the four knitted lurchers.
He's raring to get going!
In fact, all of them are.  This was such a fun commission - I wish I could show you the photograph of the actual dogs but my meagre technical knowledge does not allow me to...sigh! 

That's the last of the Christmas commissions - still plenty of work to get on with but no mad deadlines (still time for a quick one if you live in the UK though!)  Which gives me a little time to play with my birthday present.....
It's not my birthday yet, but as my partner will be in Belgium next weekend, we decided to have a pre-birthday.  I was taken to an unknown location (somewhere near Portsmouth) and into a massive guitar shop where this baby was waiting for me!  I've had a hankering to play the banjo for a long musical ability whatsoever, so this could be interesting!  Still, in two days I have managed to tune it all by myself and learn three chords.  Not quite ready to take on Duelling Banjos yet though....

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Magpie Magic said...

What a cool present! :-) Happy Pre-Birthday. :-) xoxo