Sunday, 12 May 2013


That always makes me laugh in the film Up - mainly because our dog is exactly the same when he sees a squirrel.  (Or a cat, or a rabbit, or a deer.....) He's not alone - I was asked to knit this little guy as a companion piece to go with a knitted Westie set I made last month.
I'm not sure he will be safe in his new home - I'm not sure if he is destined to be a playmate or lunch! I knitted this on thin needles, so he is very very small - about an inch and a half tall.
Finally feel like painting again - I got a fair amount done to this over the weekend.  I think one of my problems was the photos I was working from were not very clear - then I thought to put them on my Kindle and voila! Clear as day and much easier to see the contours of the horses.  I was not sure about buying my Kindle last year but now I would not be without it - never thought I would be using it to paint from though!  Hopefully this painting will be completed over the next couple of days as I am wanting to start something else.

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Magpie Magic said...

Love the squirrel, it's so cute. :-) The painting is coming along nicely. :-) I am so glad you found a creative use for you Kindle. LOL xoxo