Saturday, 3 August 2013

A Pair of Tiny.... can fill in the rest!  These little bluetits are only a couple o finches that was a typo but it made me laugh so I am leaving it in. 
Start again.  These lttle bluetits are only a couple of inches long, with moveable heads, poseable wings and feet.  I can't wait to see what they look like when animated!
Here is my pride and joy in the garden - although having said that I have probably just given it the kiss of death. It's a pumpkin grown from a seed collected from a Halloween pumpkin given to us in Boston last year.  I don't have much luck with pumpkins in my garden, the slugs and snails seem to make it their special mission to destroy the vines and the weather has been far from condusive in past years.  Fingers crossed we get something worth harvesting this year.

On the easel - a preparatory drawing for my first public demonstration of painting next week.  I'm starting to get very nervous and hoping I won't fall over, knock over the easel thus spilling my paint water all over my equipment...this is a very real possibility!  Or I could be paralysed by stage fright and end up talking nonsense and look like a buffoon.  They could hate me and heckle and jeer and throw things....I need some reassurance here...


T said...

Stop that negative talk!
You know what you're doing.
You're good at it.
You enjoy teaching.
You'll be a smashing success!

Go out there and WOW them!!!!

Caroline B said...

Yes Ma'am!:0)