Wednesday, 14 August 2013

See Me Run...

Something was strange yesterday afternoon....the builders were definitely there,six feet from our garden, but there was no axle grinders grinding, no generator buzzing, no saws sawing, and no ribald banter.  Not only that, the neighbours weren't playing their stereos, hammering and banging or shouting at each other...could it be that I would get the opportunity to take my drawing board outside? 

So I got everything together, fresh paper on board, pencil sharpened, kindle playing some suitable tunes,and decamped to the patio table.  Spent a very pleasant hour sketching out the next dog portrait, then decided to get the watercolours and do a few impromptu watercolour sketches of the plants around me.  The one above is my stevia plant.
Some green tomatoes and a few salad leaves.  I was just really getting into this rained!  What to save first, the kindle, my drawing board or the watercolours?  What a scramble! At least I got some quality time out there.
I've had my phone for a couple of years now but never worked out how to get the photos off it and onto the computer.  Yes, I am indeed a techno-numpty.  However, a penny dropped somewhere yesterday and I finally managed it.  Interesting to look at pictures I had stored on there from past winters. This peacock butterfly is from a walk yesterday.
I took my daughter to feed the fish at a local park - lots of ducks and a very wily heron, who makes it his business to wait on the sidelines, watch carefully until the fish are all there, busy eating bread, then swoops in and grabs his own fish dinner.
Did you know herons swim like ducks?  No, neither did I. I thought their legs would be too gangly, but here is a photo to prove me wrong.
Earlier this year we fed geese at Fleet Pond and one pair had goslings - how cute are they?

I wonder if I will get a peaceful afternoon today too?


Sue Doran said...

Hope you did, Caroline! Very showery here today though, I got damp trying to do a spot of gardening after I'd finished beadmaking. I always imagined with their long legs that herons stalked in the shallows and stabbed their victims, I didn't know they swam too! Their legs must dangle down a long way, I imagine they get stuck in weeds alot ...

Magpie Magic said...

Did you get some more time painting in the garden. There's something so peaceful about that. :-) xoxo