Friday, 6 September 2013

Construction Work...

When I am given something to make for the animated film, sometimes I don't realise just how much like making the real thing it will turn out to be.  I don't know what I thought making a picnic table would be like, but I certainly didn't realise quite how many bits go into making one and how they have to fit perfectly for the design to work.  So this week I have been undertaking a bit of mini-carpentry using foam board.  It's all been 50% measuring and 50% guesswork.  I attached the legs last night and it stands straight - always a bonus!  I am hoping that the rest of it will work and the seats will be straight too and strong enough to hold the weight of a couple of puppets.

The main difficulty I have found whilst making small knitted furniture is the problem of how to attached everything.  You can't use nails, but simply sewing things together sometimes doesn't prove stable enough. Double sided tape has been a blessing, but again, is not strong enough for everything.  So far for this table I have got out the 6 inch doll needle and have sewn the legs on through the foam board, hoping that once the seats and their struts are in place, the whole thing will be quite solid.  Wish me luck!

Then I have to knit a!

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