Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Slow Progress...

I have been very busy the past week, but with little to really show for it.  I'm working as much as I can on this portrait - his head and collar are more or less complete, now I am concentrating on the chest and body areas.  I'd forgotten just how long an acrylic takes when it involves this much detail, especially when there are other things going on at home that take me away from my painting!

Last Saturday I taught my first workshop for adults down in Liss.  The subject was animals in watercolour and pencil and I had a class of 9 lovely people who came in with enthusiasm and an awful lot of equipment!  I had a  terrific day, thoroughly enjoyed myself talking non-stop about my favourite subject and I hope imparting some knowledge at the same time.  Nearly everyone produced a respectable painting by the end of the day, and the only lady who didn't was a victim of her equipment rather than her talent.  It doesn't pay to use any old coloured pencils, sometimes they just don't work together - a lesson learnt the hard way.

So I returned home exhausted, voice half gone, but very happy with the way the day had gone.
I've been knitting too - I can't show you much but this is a part of something... The things I am making for the animation are getting more bizarre by the day.  Not in the context of being scenery, just not the sort of thing that usually gets knitted!

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Soggibottom said...

What ever this is, I'm sure the end result will be unusual :-) x x x