Thursday, 5 September 2013

Look What I Found!

I've been clearing out a few cupboard spaces this week and found among my stash some items that I made a while ago which would probably be happier being used rather than hidden away in a storage bag.  First is this beach top, knitted from a fabulous yarn which is like J Cloth fabric.  I followed the pattern exactly which means it is way too small for me so is untouched and new.   I love the fact that when washed this just springs back into shape, no ironing or blocking required. 
There was also this crochet lace collar - very pretty indeed, made from cream coloured crochet cotton and fastened with a mother of pearl button.

Both of these are going into my Etsy shop - go have a look!

Behind our house are some farmer's fields which have just had the barley harvested.  Every year, a few days after harvest, the geese come to feast on the scattered grain left behind.  They must have some way of finding out, either that or they send scouts ahead to check the landscape!  Yesterday morning when I walked the dog, there must have been about 200 geese in total, sitting in groups like this one.
They are quite wary as even though my dog was completely oblivious to their presence (unlike previous years where he thought it great sport to chase them off!) they began to leave as we progressed along the side of the field.

Although the appearance of great flocks of geese heralds the end of summer, I do love to see them, especially when huge flocks fly honking over our house at low level when dusk falls.  Magical!


Soggibottom said...

Wouldn't fit me either :-)
If Clovis leaves the geese alone, we live in hope Freya will leave butterflies alone. :-) x x x

Magpie Magic said...

Good luck with the cute beach top and collar. Someone will get a true treasure. Love your geese pics. Wish I had been there with my camera. :-)