Thursday, 2 January 2014

Thank Goodness That's Out Of The Way!

The above sentiment applies to so many things this week!  Firstly, this little giraffe's head has been giving me a headache for weeks now - wondering how to do it, whether it would work, when would I find the time to make it.  In the end, it was a lot simpler than anticipated.  I found a little pattern for a giraffe toy that gave me a jumping off point - the initial steps are always the hardest.  Once the basic neck and head were done, I could then embroider the markings, make the ears and horns and put in a stubby mane.
I chose to embroider the markings rather than knit them in as when something is this small, the yarns can sometimes pull the whole thing slightly out of shape, and I couldn't afford for that to happen with a giraffe's neck!

He is still not permanently fixed to his mount as I am waiting to check with the client that this colour is okay or whether she would prefer a different one.

I would like to think I can step back from mini animal trophies for a while, but there is a rumour someone would like a rhino.....

Also on the needles, I'm still knitting that tiny duvet cover and constructing a small double bed from card and foamboard.  I have run out of the yarn I was using and the shop where I bought it has been shut over the holidays - another thing I am glad is out of the way, disruption and chaos due to Christmas and New Year!  It's lovely when it is going on, but after a fortnight of it, I'm happy to get back to normal.
Happy New Year  - may 2014 be peaceful, prosperous and healthy for you all.  Thank you for continuing to read my blog, it does give me the incentive to get on with work, that element of 'show and tell' with the fear of having nothing to share with the group on a regular basis!

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