Thursday, 28 August 2014

Counting Down....

Everything this weeks seems to be on a clock, counting down.  I'm coming to the end of the work for the animated film, just one final thing to make.  These little bits and pieces are part of it, as is this:
Each square in this mini patchwork is just over an inch - fiddly work!  It is all hand sewn, and now needs a backing.  As I am obviously unable to sign my name on anything I have made for the film, there is a tiny reference in the border...I know it represents the name of my shop, even if no-one else does!

The school summer holidays are drawing to a close - I don't feel that I have had the chance to relax at all, what with the crashing and banging that has gone on in the plot next to our house.  In fact I feel more stressed now than I did six weeks ago!  However, we are planning a short break very soon and hopefully a few days on a beach at one of the remotest parts of the country will re-charge my very run-down batteries.

We have had some rather nice dog walks lately - came across this large fellow the other day.  It's the caterpillar of an elephant hawk moth.  In fact, we found several.  This is what they do when you annoy them by taking too many photos, they puff themselves up and rear up to make themselves look really scary - this caterpillar is a good three inches long.  We're keeping the location to ourselves though, it's out of the way and I think these amazing creatures need to be left alone to do what they do.

And that is August nearly over - I can't believe how fast this year has passed by.  I hope you enjoy the last few days of summer!


Magpie Magic said...

Busy, busy, busy! Yep, almost school time here... Ben is back tomorrow. :-( xoxo

Sue Doran said...

Clever reference to your shop in the border - very canny! I'm not sure my eyesight would be up to such detailed small scale work, it's so beautiful.