Sunday, 17 August 2014

...Soothes My Soul

I gave this painting a rest over the weekend - spent the time catching up on some sleep, gardening and general slobbing about while it was peaceful.  Back to the noise today, so I am sure at some point I will be plugging myself into the MP3 player and getting on with this.

I have cropped an inch or so off the bottom - it was unnecessary so  it had to go.  I think the painting will be finished very soon - I need to complete the bottom section with the plants and then go over the whole thing 'trouble-shooting'.

I'm hoping that when we go on our little trip to Alderney, I will be able to make a few such paintings 'plein air' although they will have to be watercolours as I am not carting a ton of acrylics on holiday with me!

On the needles - socks for my daughter, a sleeveless sweater for me and some unsuccessful design attempts at a monster....

If you have a spare minute or two, check out the progress of the Amur leopard cubs at the zoo in Estonia.
They are big enough to be outside now and always make me laugh with their antics, like giant playful kittens  - which is what they are I guess!

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