Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Grapes Of Wrath.....

After a shaky start where it felt I had forgotten how to paint, this little watercolour of Corblets Bay in Alderney is coming along nicely.  I've been working on the rocks in the foreground for several days now - the idea was to use a large brush and keep it loose....well, that didn't happen, did it!  It never does when I paint, I just get caught up in the detail and when I emerge two hours later, my style remains my style.  Even when using a large brush!

I wish I had more time for painting at the moment - our grape vine this year has produced yet another mammoth crop and I am trying to utilise it.  I'm making grape jelly as usual - we like it, plus it is good for spur of the moment gifts as everyone else likes it too.  So far there are 11 jars of the stuff, a bucket of grapes in the kitchen awaiting processing and about another 20lbs of grapes out on the vine.  I have a feeling most of them will end up compost - life is too short to stand over a boiling pan of juice & sugar!

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