Monday, 17 November 2014


Here is a closer look at the little monster in his tv set that I made for the Woolly Vision logo, seen at the beginning of the Nudinits film.  I had to construct the television out of a cardboard box, covered with foam board, insulation board, fabric, copious amounts of glue and double sided tape - it was quite an undertaking!  The front is made up of two panels of mount board cut to shape, covered in fabric, attached in place and then gold piping stuck carefully around the edges.  The knobs etc. are various items of haberdashery.

The scenery inside is sewn from felt, while the grass and sky were two old jumpers put to better use.  Fantastic to see it all put together and animated!

Time is in short supply at the moment.  Not much time for painting other than this little watercolour sketch of some veg that I did to show one of my students how to use the paint.   It was fun to produce ten minute paintings - they could be better, but were a great exercise nonetheless.

I'm definitely not regretting giving up the day job - my decision has been met with mixed reactions, but on the whole everyone has been encouraging and supportive.  I could do with leaving now - with Christmas fast approaching, my workload has increased accordingly!

Currently on the needles: dogs,crackers,Xmas tree, fairies,turkeys, argh....
To be sewn:  a flower brooch, scenery for an upcoming animated short film
On the easel: a dog portrait, with a baby portrait coming soon

It's all so exciting!


Sue Doran said...

I watched the film for the first time yesterday (been having problems with sound on my PC). I thought it was a huge amount of fun, very British-seaside-postcard-Carry-On humour - hilarious! It made me laugh out loud several times, particularly when the mouse rolls off the pub table! The attention to detail in everything is amazing, texture on the walls, gags all over the place. It's an absolutely stunning piece of work. I do hope the film makers get funding to do another. I'm so glad you're busy :-)

Caroline B said...

Thanks Sue, so glad you liked it! On the whole it's been well received, so fingers crossed we'll be commissioned to make more in the future.