Monday, 4 May 2015

Everything In The Garden Is Lovely...

It's been hard trying to keep the garden looking good over the past couple of years, but since this spring has been quiet at last and no-one has been tinkering with the fence, soil, or causing me to run in and out like a frightened rabbit due to the noise or being stared at, I've been able to put the work in and it is starting to pay off.
There is still a fair bit of growing to be done, but flowers are starting to open...
...these are some 'casualty corner' anemones bought for very little money atthe local garden centre.  With a bit of TLC and being taken out of their very dry & constricting pots, they have rallied and are gorgeous.
The quince has decided it likes being undisturbed and has produced more flowers than ever before.
The apple tree also likes being free of the overhanging split willows and has decided to put on a grand show - hopefully this year we will get some apples!
And in our new secluded passageway, the potatoes, carrots and beans are making a fine start - it would seem they get more sunshine than I thought, despite being walled on both sides.

So it is hard to stay out of the garden these days when the sun is shining, and it would seem it has gone back to being my little sanctuary once again.

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Sue Doran said...

It all looks wonderful. A garden is such a joy, particularly at this time of year!