Sunday, 10 May 2015

Another Old Painting...

So, I think the hidden paintings from my portfolio have almost all been listed in my Etsy shop, just a couple left to go.  This is a watercolour I painted of some ruined Victorian fortifications on Pigeon Island, part of St. Lucia.  I loved the combination of tropical greenery and old British stonework - it wasn't something I expected to see when on holiday in the Caribbean.

It's been a funny old weekend - no chance to paint unfortunately.  Plenty of knitting - another object for Nudinits completed and ready to go, one sock completed (can I make a second?  Lay your bets...) and more of the complicated cotton waistcoat done.

Also took a trip to Lidl and stocked up on Greek foodstuffs as they have a bit of a themed week going on - so we have a freezer jammed full of cheese pies & leek & cheese pies, and a cupboard full of sesame bars, almond bars, sunflower seeds, olive oil and the biggest jar of olives ever.  So it's lentil soup, Greek salad & tiropitta for tea tonight!  I often cook Greek food, but it's also good to get a few treats that have the authentic taste too.

Nearly wrecked my hands playing with my new mini hedge/grass clippers - terrific little gadget but boy did it make my thumb hurt!  I clipped half the hedge then had to admit defeat, but also had fun barbering the grass - it has never looked so well coiffed!

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