Monday, 25 May 2015

Trellis & Lace

 I was asked to make a cotton waistcoat for someone, and found it surprisingly hard to find a decent pattern similar to what she wanted.  This was what I discovered on so went ahead.  It wasn't long after starting that I realised just what the word 'piquant' at the top of the pattern meant!  Boy, this was complicated!  Not difficult, just very complicated and involved a lot of scribbling on paper to keep track of the shaping increases and decreases.
 It has been knitted in a fab yarn made from recycled jeans - turns your fingers a bit blue while working, but didn;t seem to run badly when I washed it. It also blocked really well.  Now it just needs some buttons and it is ready to go.  Much as I love this pattern, it will be a long time before I attempt it again!
I have a new portrait to do of Clovis's favourite girl.  We went round to her house to take some photos the other day - he's never been in their garden and let loose with her before and it was very funny to see them cavorting around  together.  The phrase 'get a room' did cross my mind at one point!!


Sue Doran said...

Worth all the effort, I hope the recipient is suitably appreciative! Clovis' friend is gorgeous, I think I'm a little in love with her myself :-)

Caroline B said...

Incredible to think someone abandoned her by tying her up on a local roundabout! She's got a great home now.