Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Can't See The Wood For The Trees...

I'm finally getting a bit of time to work on this.  So far it's been a matter of getting the trees in the background done so that I can work out the rest of the picture.  This is a tricky one, as I am working from many different photos, as well as having to 'grow' the children to their current ages.  Also, try finding a photo of black labradors running away from the camera, almost impossible! 

This is being worked in acrylics - just as well as I can paint out any mistakes easily! 

It's been hard to find any time at all for painting at the moment.  Our luck has not changed with the new year - still no heating, and the results of Clovis's ECG were not conclusive so he will have to go for an angiogram and Xrays in order to find out exactly what is going on with his heart.  There is also a chance he may have cancer - he has a lump growing on his throat.  Thankfully, being a dog, he has no idea this is all going on and with the tablets that are tiding him over at the moment his life hasn't changed much, apart from being kept on the lead and his owner bursting into tears randomly!
I did catch him out yesterday though, the old devil.  Daisy went for a proper haircut at a groomers, and was gone for over two hours - during which time I took Clovis for a nice walk on his own without the whippersnapper.  When I finally brought her home, he got very excited to see her and was prancing around like a pony - so what were all the sulking and mournful looks over the past fortnight about Clovis?  It would seem Daisy isn't so bad after all!
She has scrubbed up very nicely - I think whoever gave her up to the RSPCA was an idiot.

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