Sunday, 17 January 2016

Let it Snow...

...Oh no, please don't!  But if it does snow, Daisy will be ready for it.  Mr.B gave me some knitting patterns for dog coats for Christmas and as Daisy is small enough to make for without it becoming an epic undertaking, I thought I'd knit one for her.  I've just used some acrylic yarn that I had in my stash - real wool would be nice but not very practical when it comes to her crashing through the long wet grass as I am sure it would stretch and bag.  Plus, hopefully, I can just throw this in the washing machine when it gets muddy.

As I got into this pattern, I realised it bore a striking resemblance to something I had made before... is just a full size version of the pattern I use for miniature dog sets!  Everything is the same, even the belt and buttons!
It looks complicated but the stitch pattern was just a 4 row repetition, easy to memorise.  Now we await some snow or at least frost so that she can wear it - despite the media predictions, we just awoke to the usual wet this morning.
I also finished this a few days ago. but decent daylight to photograph it in has been in short supply.  This is just a simple triangular shawl using varigated acrylic yarn.  Very effective though.  When I get some decent photos, it will be in my Etsy shop.

I might be persuaded to knit more dog coats - I have ideas about designs, but not started anything as yet.  Don't be afraid to just ask!

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Sue Doran said...

What a good little model!