Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Pretty in Pink...

And so January rumbles on, not really improving as it goes, creativity in freefall as a result!  However, I have managed to knit another dog coat - just a simple version using pink and green varigated wool this time.
Daisy is a bit of a girl when it comes to her appearance - she got very excited when I bought her a new collar, and is very enthusiastic to put on a new coat.  As to when I get the brush out, she just laps it up.  I've never had a dog that does this - usually coats and collars are met with disdain or downright misery, and brushing is a task done on the move. 

I'm avoiding dolling her up too much however - it's not worth it other than to keep her clean & warm.  Just look at her feet, wet, muddy and tangled.  The country walks we go on would just ruin any fancy fripperies, plus I prefer a dog to be a dog, not a dress-up doll.  I am open to knitting coats for other small dogs though!

Still working on this - it's a very slow process with these pencils.  It's calming though and is quite an antidote to the stresses this January has brought.

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Gretel said...

Oh, but she does look so sweet!