Sunday, 21 February 2016

Another One Done!

Here is the second knitted coat, made for a friend's of mine's little dog.  This one is too small to be modelled by Daisy!
 I'm hoping we still have a few chilly days left for it to be worn, but there is always next year.
Spring is definitely on it's way, the bluetits are beginning to nest and we are so happy they have chosen our tit box!  We bought this a couple of years ago at a sculpture garden as a bit of a joke, and it has been empty ever since due to the noise and dispruption caused by the building work next door.  However, our garden has been quiet for nearly a year now and it would seem this year we may have baby birds once again - in years gone by, we've had tits, robins, sparrows & blackbirds nesting in our small space, safe in the knowledge that no cat would dare set foot in our garden.  It was sad that for three nesting seasons they were scared off by loud noises & men in hi viz jackets.  Let's hope this year all the birds return.

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