Saturday, 13 February 2016

Knitting & Sewing

 This week I have been very busy with no time for painting.  I have two dog coats to knit for a friend of mine - her dogs that is - and here is the first one as modelled by Daisy.  I really like how the two retro shades of blue work together in the stitch pattern - that was a bit of a chance on my part when buying the yarn.
 Daisy really knows how to sell herself, cute comes so naturally - I should really  take a photograph of her when she's knee deep in mud and her face is brown from snuffling up rabbit poo.
I've also been sewing - a blueberry tree!  This is for an upcoming project, still a work in progress.  I know blueberries don't grow on trees, but this fabric is just gorgeous!

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