Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Work In Progress...

It's one of those weeks where everything is in the middle of being done, so not a lot to show at the moment.  I did receive this month's Art & Parcel box and was very excited to open it and find Chinese brushes, ink & Japanese paper.  There was a fortune cookie in there too, but that's long gone!
So I got out my trusty Chinese brush painting instruction book and had a go - bit of a shock to discover that the Japanese paper was so absorbent, soaked up the paint like blotting paper.  This meant a slight change in technique, basically getting rid of some of the water from the base of the brush before painting.
One of the pens I got was a black ink brushpen, kind of like a fancy felt-tip.  Beautiful to use, but again, tricky on the absorbent paper.  Still, I know that I will use all of these items in the future, so am very happy.

Not much time for painting this week however.  From a very turgid January with no work at all, I have suddenly got quite a bit of sewing and knitting to do.   Nothing finished yet, so here is a picture of Daisy having fun with a plastic bone:
Must be nice to be so easily amused!

Clovis is plodding on, managing to wheedle all kinds of treats out of me in order to get his pills down his throat.  He had a check-up at the vet's on Monday and after listening to his heart, the vet remarked that he honestly didn't know how Clovis is still standing.  Well, neither do I, but he is and not only standing but cantering round the fields on his walks and frightening me to death with his antics.  I guess the thing is, Clovis doesn't know he could drop dead at any minute, he just knows he's enjoying his walks & being spoilt like never before.  Little bugger...

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Anonymous said...

Happy to hear Clovis hasn't a clue he might be ill.
As for you - "one day at a time" comes to mind. I'm sure you're enjoying the crap out of him while you can. Just don't let Daisy get used to the spoiling parts now when she's new and young or else that's her "norm" and you'll have to keep it up forever.

Good work w/ those brushes. BTW, loved the colorful bird from your last post. And happy to hear you're busy again. Nice to be a bit slow after the holidays (and the bad luck streak) but time to get busy again.

temps in the 80's here. Hope you're having decent weather.