Friday, 29 April 2016

Wagtail & No Wag Tail

 I completed this little commission yesterday, a small watercolour of a wagtail.  There was a point the day before where I thought I'd ruined it when I started to darken the background behind the bird, but I think I saved it in the nick of time. The gentleman who commissioned it is very pleased, which is what counts.

 It's been a terrible week, with poor old Clovis having to be put to sleep on Tuesday after his condition deteriorated severely.  I won't go on about it - mainly because doing so starts me off crying again - but it has been really hard to come to terms with as he'd been with us for nearly 14 years.  Painting provided a little respite as I can lose myself for a while.
After the deed was done, the next day we decided to get in the car and escape for a few hours to the Weale & Down open air museum in Sussex.  It was a funny old day, part bright sunshine, part snow flurries (in April!) but we had a good walk in the gorgeous countryside and were able to re-charge our batteries a little.
 Not many photos - wasn't really in the mood.
Still, life goes on, and now that my days are no longer filled with nursing a very sick dog there will be more time to spend on other pursuits, and thankfully I have plenty to be getting on with.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love that watercolor...amazingly beautiful!!

Caroline B said...

Thank you!