Thursday, 5 May 2016

On Slowly Recovering...

 It's been a sad old week, but life goes on and we are slowly getting back to some semblance of normality.  Although I miss Clovis desperately, I certainly do not miss the time I spent cooking food to try and tempt him to eat, and the time spent cajoling him to nibble a few mouthfuls before throwing it all in the bin.  There are a few more hours in the day now, and plenty to fill them with.
 Last weekend Stacie put in a request for some 'flower biscuits' - as it's a bit early for violas in my garden, she had to make do with having primroses on these ones - I heard no complaints!  The butterfly shaped biscuits are flavoured with lavender.
 I've also made a start on the latest dog portrait, a rather handsome pair of whippets.  It's good to be drawing again, not only because I love it but it is also very therapeutic.  This is in Derwent Drawing Pencils on watercolour paper.
Knitted myself a pair of wristwarmers in the leftover 'When Clowns Cry' yarn.  They are not anything special to look at but I have customised them for when I go dog-walking - extra long thumb as that's the part of my hand that always gets coldest, and longer over the fingers too, just leaving the tips free for fiddly jobs.  Of course now the weather has warmed up considerably, but they'll be ready for next winter.

I'm also sewing, some more interesting props for an animation - currently labouring over a gramaphone that is only 4 inches high.  It's a head-scratcher!


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I am so deeply and sincerely sorry for your loss...I just looked back in your archive and saw some pictures of him. What a beautiful dog and beautiful soul <3

Caroline B said...

Thank you - he was indeed unique (which can be taken in more ways than one!) and we miss him dreadfully. It was a privelege to have him in my life.