Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Before & After...

 This was our kitchen early yesterday morning...
...this is it now.  Yesterday was noisy, chaotic and cold (door wide open as the guys worked) but they'd finished ripping the guts out of it (and the tiles in the bathroom) by just after lunchtime.  While the workmen were doing their thing, I shut myself in the living room with the dog - who wasn't as hysterical as we'd anticipated, although she had been given a sedative with breakfast - and painted.  I got to paint for about five hours, which hasn't happened in years! 

So now we don't know where anything is other than the kettle & teabags, the rest of the house is stacked high with boxes of kitchen equipment, etc., there is a possibility that we will have no way of cooking for the next three days and the washing machine is not plumbed in.  But it's all happening and should be done by next Friday - I'm looking forward to getting it all neat and tidy, which is something it hasn't been for a while!
I am going to be very sad to see this go though - it took me a week to paint this in the bathroom and now it is going to be completely tiled over. Oh well, you can't have everything!

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