Monday, 30 April 2007

Chain of Fools........

Well, I've been at it again - the above are two bracelets and a necklace made out of Indian lamp work beads plus me, wire and pliers. The necklace has a couple of very old buttons as pendants - it actually looks very nice when worn. The green bracelet has been kept - it's a wonder I have anything to sell really!
The above is a necklace made from some old beads bought at a car boot sale, obviously a necklace at some point in their lives. They are quite heavy and chunky, so with the chain linking them,the necklace has a lovely rolling feel to it.
This is a little charm pendant I made using a vintage button that I discovered - if you look closely it is in the shape of a scallop shell. I've added beads and, of course, fish! I am determined that everyone like the fish motif as much as me - plus I have an awful lot of fish beads to get through.

I have tried crocheting with hemp - I made a lacy bracelet. It looked wonderful when it was finished but after a couple of hours wearing, looked like a bit of old rag. So it is back to the drawing board there - I don't know how to solve this one, but any suggestions would be gratefully received.


natural attrill said...

Hi caroline,
I really like the buttons you have used on the necklace and charm!

natural attrill said...

Hi Caroline,

You could try painting the inside of the hemp lacy bracelet with pva?

Another idea is lining the inside of the bracelet with a strip of cloth, in a contrasting colour, so the lace effect of the hemp is still the feature of the piece and also the bracelet is more substantial so keeping its shape.

How about crocheting some wire, in the same colour, with the hemp, so it has more rigid structure.

Just some ideas, I love ideas, just dont seem to get round to actually doing anything!

I look forward to seeing your woven hemp jewellery when you have found a way to do it!

Best of luck.

Caroline B said...

Thanks Penny - you are such a useful person to know! I do sometimes need someone with a bit of lateral thinking to help me on my way! I think a material lining is probably the best option.

Magpie Magic said...

Hi Caroline.

Really like your new stuff. The first green little bracelet with the wooden flowers and beads is my favourite.

Re crochet bracelet. You could try first crocheting a very tight half crochet bracelet with proper crochet cotton yarn and then using that as a base for the hemp crochet?

Do try wire. It's great fun. The best gauge to use is 0.2mm as it is thin enough to bend well and still tough enough not too tear too easily. I get my wire from the net from a place called They're great. Good prices and quick delivery.


Caroline B said...

That's a good idea Sybille - crochet cotton is 'flesh' coloured too. I have crocheted wire, but don't have access to buy different gauges - been using 28 Gauge, whatever that is in mm! People like the simple necklaces with fish in, but I'd like to try more complex designs - may get in touch for tips!