Friday, 4 May 2007

Lime Green & Clear Beads

The above is a seed bead necklace, three strands of lime green, two of clear, with two lamp work green beads and a vintage clear button in the centre. This was a result of sheer laziness - there are other projects I want to make but it involves sorting out the mess I have made over the past week in order to find the beads and findings (now I know why they are called findings, most of them end up down the side of the sofa...) so I just used what was immediately to hand. Now that it is the weekend, I will have a sort out and hopefully try something a bit more ambitious - I am awaiting a delivery of wire and hope to be doing some more crochet work, with a bit of colour this time. As well as painting, framing, gardening.......

The above is £15 + p&p


natural attrill said...

Pretty colours on this necklace Caroline, and very subtle.

Hope you find your findings!

Have you seen Sybilles crochet jewellery? it is absolutely fabulous.


natural attrill said...

What lovely limey seed beads!

Caroline B said...

Thank you, the Atrills!
I've been in 'conference' with Sybille about the crochet & wire - she was brilliant and helped me find what I wanted to buy, so now am waiting for it to arrive. Don't think I'll be quite as ambitious as her just yet though - need to get the hang of it more.