Monday, 23 April 2007

I'm in Chains!

I have had such fun this weekend - I discovered how to make chains using wire and beads, and these are the results. Making jewellery is a steep learning curve for me - I've never had classes and have basically taught myself from books, magazines and studying other people's work, so to achieve a new technique is very exciting! The above is a little cluster of fishes with green beads and pearls, which when hanging look very cute, like the fish are feeding. As I have a whole bag of these fish, I am constantly thinking of different ways to use them.
This is a pendant made with a vintage glass button from Ebay and some turquoise glass beads, chain all made by me - this is not for sale, it is mine, all mine! (Although I could be persuaded to replicate it .....)
Here are three little bracelets made with various glass beads and wire (and yet another fish...). I am now thinking of all the combinations of beads I could use to make more chain bracelets. These would be £10 each. Centre bracelet SOLD

I have a craft fair on Friday - hopefully some of the jewellery on this blog will then have a 'sold' sign on Saturday! There has already been some interest in the crochet wire/fish necklace and the little turquoise mother-of-pearl flower necklace, one of which will - fingers crossed - be gone tomorrow.

In the meantime, I am working hard on a commissioned painting of a King Charles Spaniel - a daft little thing but very cute. With luck, that should be finished by the weekend...if I can stop churning out chains!


fhiona galloway said...

Gosh you're a busy bee Caroline-do you have time for life??
Well done-your jewellery and knitted bags etc are fab!

Caroline B said...

Nah Fhi, I don't get out much! Actually, I do most of this in front of the tv of an evening (not the painting!)rather than vegetate. It's fun!