Friday, 20 April 2007

Two New Pieces of Jewellery & Some Knitting

The first piece here is a bracelet made with red beads and pearls thread through a silver chain to make a chunky rope effect. This is £15 + p&p

Secondly is a necklace made with a sweet little flowery gold disc sent to me by Toby Atrill (Thanks Toby!) strung on gold seed beads and wire with a dangly bit made from the seed beads and little flower beads that I had which luckily match perfectly! This took a lot of thought and several attempts to find the best way to display the disc without over-shadowing it, but I'm quite pleased with the result. £16 + p&p

This is a little handbag knitted in cotton with crochet pansies, beads and ribbons appliqued to the flap. I must confess to not having made the pansies - I bought a huge bag of crochet materials at a car boot and found a bag of ready made pansies within - what a lovely surprise!
£20 + p&p
This bag is knitted in a Rowan tape yarn with crochet flowers, beads and ribbons sewn on the front. £20 +p&p
This bag is knitted in Noro Kureyon and felted, lined with blue cotton and has rope/wood handles. I thought it looked like a seascape, so have sewn on some little brass fish blowing bubbles and a seagull flying overhead. £25 +p&p SOLD
This is a lacy crocheted scarf in a soft pale green mohair-type yarn ( not too sure as I found two huge cones of this yarn at a car boot - it is fabulous but no labels on it anywhere). The scarf looks fantastic when worn as it makes a ruffle round the neck and looks like a Hawaiian lei or a seaweed garland - that's a good thing, I think seaweed is very pretty! £20 +p&p
Another crochet curly scarf made in mohair - I think this looks like a candy cane! £15 +p&p
This little knitted bag is made in pure wool from a ball of yarn I picked up at this years' Stitch and Craft Show. It has been felted and has a handle made by using a lucet to make a cord.
£15 +p&P
Here is a knitted lace shawl in pure linen - it really was a labour of love and took many weeks to make. It is rectangular with long tassles at either end and would look great over summer clothes - it is very fine and soft and hangs beautifully. £40 +p&p
Another knitted lace shawl, in the pale green mohair-type yarn. This is triangular with tassles at each corner, is simply huge and would look good with jeans. £40 +P&P
Two handbags made in a discontinued Rowan tape yarn, so they are totally unique. I have sewn on beads and shells to make the floral motif. Each bag has a zipper. This yarn stretches with use so the handles may look short but will end up making them shoulder bags with plenty of room - I have one and have managed to fit in not only the normal girly things but also my sketchbook & pencils and a picnic for three, so there is a bit of a Mary Poppins' carpet bag vibe going on! £25 +p&p PINK BAG - SOLD ORANGE BAG - SOLD
This bag is knitted in Noro Kureyon and felted, with a zipper and a little bead border. The yarn has stripes of orange on the reverse. The bag went into a bit of a wonky shape during felting, but I think this adds to the charm! £20 +p&p
Yet another lacy, curly crochet scarf in a beige soft mohair yarn. Very pretty when worn.
£20 +p&p
'Boing' hat - a Peruvian pattern apparently! This one is made in a thick multi-coloured yarn but I can make them in the tradional colours (Ecru, black & red) with the Peruvian motif. Very warm and look very funky on - my son wore his until it literally fell to pieces a year later.
£15 +p&p
Finally, just a scarf but look at the yarn! This is Sirdar's Zanzibar, which is an eyelash yarn incorporating soft gold tinsel. The finished article is unbelievably soft and looks very rich and eye-catching. There are different colours available - I am currently working on one in shades of blue with silver tinsel.

The above is a sample of my knitted accessories - I am willing to take on commissions, but the time taken to make an item must be considered when quoting a price, as well as the cost of yarn.


natural attrill said...

WOW Caroline!
It all looks amazing! Especially the flowery necklace, It almost looks like you have made the flowery thing i gave you, it matches soo well!

natural attrill said...

Morning Caroline, Toby just showed me the necklace you have made, it looks really good, the seed beads and the little flowers compliment it beautifully.
I like your curly crochet scarves.

Magpie Magic said...

Hi Caroline,

I am seriously impressed with your scarves and handbags. Especially the seagreen seaweed scarf and the pansy bag. And I love the linen lace shawl. Gorgeous!

I thought I was the only one mad enough to constantly have to do something with my hands. LOL Seems I found a soulmate. :-)