Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Loadsa Cats!

Not many posts lately, but it is half-term week and I have been catching up on various jobs round the house that have been outstanding since the last school holiday. The last two days have been spent re-decorating the bathroom, which is now pristine icy blue and awaiting a stencil, when I can make up my mind exactly what I want......koi carp are the current favourite.

I have, however, been churning out the little felt cats of an evening together with their beds and accessories. They each come with a bed, bowl, tin of food, bag of food (yes, there is felt food inside the velcro sealed bag) and a little mouse toy. If you are interested, e-mail me, same price as previous.

The sparrow picture needs just a little more work - hoping to have that done by this evening.


Raggy Rat said...

wow, super cats, and i also covert your mohair knitty bears mmmmm

sorry i have not yet acted upon or other wise claimed my reward, mad busy, just added a minimal post today to keep everyone well fed, hopefully theres some top spelling mistakes there for your enjoyment !

cat xxx
needs a mohair bear to cheer self up as is nealry 30 weeks pregnant and cant spell for toffee !

Caroline B said...

Ah bless! Who cares if you can't spell when you make such beautiful creatures!
Caroline x

Alison Ashwell said...

I love the little cats -really sweet