Saturday, 2 February 2008

What a Week!

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you have been incredibly busy but it has all been for other people? I just have and it sucks!
I've cleared up the garden (yay, that's been long overdue), hacking down a forest of bamboo and discovered I'm rather allergic to it - spent two days feeling like I was wearing stinging nettle gloves and covered in an angry red rash.
I've spent a whole afternoon trying to sort out my 'new' printer (given by a good friend when my other one passed away) only to fail and have my son then fix it in the space of ten minutes - damn the computer-literate youth of today, making me feel thick!
I've taught Chinese Brush painting to 6 and 7 year olds - they were full of enthusiasm but only a couple of them produced anything worth keeping, although one little chap was a resounding success. He's autistic and not shown much interest in anything at school but has taken to this in a big way.
I've learned more about speech therapy by observing a formal session and I've learned more about autism by attending a course.
I've taken afore-mentioned son to lunch for his birthday (Italian, yum..!) and I've taken an hour to finish my book in peace ( now THAT doesn't often happen!)
But I haven't had the time to paint, which is SO frustrating!

I did get the above fabric in the post from FabricShack in the U.S. - they far exceeded my expectations, especially the toucan print. I wanted them for lining bags etc, but the toucans should not be hidden!

I did manage a rather raggedy little dog, complete with his knitted coat, basket and fringed blanket. The last scruffy little dog like this was adopted by a small boy with big eyes who told me it was going to be his BEST toy - obviously a sucker for a lame duck, just like me! Let's hope this one finds just as good a home. Same price as before, and he will have bowl and toys to make the set.

And now I have some spare time, the house has been cleaned, the fridge defrosted, the shopping done, the dogs walked, dinner cooking - I'm off to paint, hooray!

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Laura said...

Cor blimey! That does sound like quite a week, Caroline.

Lovely fabric you've got there - the toucans are a lot of fun.

Happy painting!

Laura x