Friday, 29 February 2008

Jasper & His Mini-Me

I seem to have been a bit rubbish at blogging lately - very busy but not much to show for it here. I have, however, made this little grey chenille teddy who is very cute with a bit of an aged look to him. He is for sale - same price as previous bears (can't remember off the top of my head!!!)

Then I knitted a little dog using up a small ball of brown stretchy mohair, and when I started to sew him together, I saw a startling resemblance... my little mutt Jasper! Especially when I brushed out the fluffy wool and pulled it into the same beardy shape as Jasper's head. I am still in the process of making his accessories.

I'm afraid Jasper is not co-operating here as there have been gun shots behind our house all afternoon and he is in the middle of a nervous crisis. (No, it's not Hampshire gang-wars, more likely clay pigeon shooting or bird-scaring on the farm) The older he gets, the worse loud noises seem to affect him - fireworks just about finish him off for a week and he gets colitis (a nervous complaint). We just have to let him hide behind the sofa for as long as he wants, making sure he eats and goes out for a toilet break inbetween the fusilades! Poor little chap was a stray in London during the first week in November (Guy Fawkes Night celebrations here in the UK, big firework displays) and even though that was about 12 years ago, he has never got over it.

I have just acquired a mountain of mohair yarn - don't ask me how, but it is honestly come by - and already have requests for scarves from work-mates. There is also a blue elephant half knitted and another bird painting sketched if only I could master the art of doing it all at the same time.......


Laura said...

Aw - that teddy is unbelievably cute!

Laura x

Magpie Magic said...

The little bear is so cute. I really, REALLY like him.

natural attrill said...

I like the little toy dog, he looks a right little character. Nice to see a pic of your Jasper.

Val Cox said...

beautiful work. The brown dog is fantastic in the detail.

Raggy Rat said...

i want some of your knitted dogs
great character in thos espthis one of jasper !