Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Sparrows in Bamboo

Here is what I have been working on for a few days. Having bought the Chinese paints and brushes to demonstrate with at the school where I work, I wanted to have a go at a 'proper' painting with them. We have a little flock of sparrows living in the bamboo at the bottom of our garden and I love to watch their daily squabbles and busy social lives. This seemed the perfect medium with which to represent them. I plan on painting a small series of these, just for the fun of it!

By the way, the paper is stained with a strong brew of tea - it still smells great even after a week!


Magpie Magic said...

What a lovely picture. The greens work really well on the tea stained paper and the sparrows are sweet.

Laura said...

Oh my - this is exquisite, Caroline. Absolutely fab. Wow. Just WOW!

Laura x