Monday, 20 October 2008

About 600 Miles of Crochet.....

I have not been resting on my laurels lately, but I have been struggling with an enormous project. This pattern was in a magazine a while back and I fell in love with it, thinking that as it was fairly simple crochet patterns, it would be quick and easy to make. Easy yes - quick.....that is another matter. It is an Empire line tunic crocheted in navy blue mohair (from my freebies of a few months ago) with a split up the front, bell shaped sleeves and a ribbon tie.
The skirt is made up of a repetitive pattern of shells, but as I am fairly tall, I had to do about 6 extra rows in order to make the length.
The bodice and sleeves were a simple V pattern, with the shell motif as edging. The velvet ribbon tie under the bust was my addition. It was worth the effort as it is very flattering when worn (hides a multitude of sins!) but I shan't be making another one just yet, even though I would love one in a cotton yarn.

I've also been painting every spare minute of the day. If you want to see the pictures, you'll just have to buy the calendar next year!


Magpie Magic said...

Looks great! Definitely worth all the hard work. :-)

Laura said...

What a beautiful colour, Caroline.

I've just tagged you. Please see my blog for details. :o)

Sallie said...

Very pretty! I love that color.