Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween!

I don't know why I'm saying Happy Halloween - we don't tend to celebrate it other than to carve a pumpkin. My kids are too old to get hyped up on chocolate and personally I just don't open the door to the local urchins as they are grim enough without feeding them any more E-numbers than they get at home! (Yep, I'm an anti-social curmudgeon!)

But I thought you'd like to see the pumpkin my son whipped up at lunchtime - designed and carved by him.
I've also done some.........crochet this time! It's a fantabulous scarf that I just cannot photograph well enough to get the full glory of this yarn - Zanzibar, the name alone is a ticket to the exotic! It is the softest eyelash yarn, it feels like feathers and has a golden thread twisted around it and patches of delicate gold tinsel. The actual yarn in a deep crimson and pink with hints of a rich green, so luxurious looking. I have crocheted a simple curly-wurly scarf but this yarn turns it into a starlet's boa, you can't help but feel glamourous when wearing it. It is also really long, so can be swept over the shoulder as you flounce off to your Rolls Royce.....

I'm off to London tomorrow.....there's this new yarn shop at Waterloo.....they stock Habu yarns....oh dear, there go the savings!


Magpie Magic said...

The pumpkin is great! Great job.

The scarf is really cute too, perfect for a Christmas party.

I promised to help you restrain yourself tomorrow, if you promised to help me....

Yarnoholics unite! ;D

Caroline B said...

Restraint & yarn......hmm, don't often go together with me (or you!!!), but I'll do my best!!

natural attrill said...

Fab pumpkinn.
Hope you have a great time in London.