Friday, 28 August 2009

Busy, Busy!

Another busy week has flown by, and unless you are seriously into paintings of potatoes, I don't have much to show for it! I have, however, sewn another little felt dog as after this week I had none in stock at all. This little chap is sort of a Jack Russell I suppose - he has the colouring, but is a bit round and cuddly. I've used the new lifelike eyes and a plastic nose this time which are absolutely minute and very fiddly to put in place - are they better than beads and embroidery?
He has a very smart navy blue bed, lined with my favourite Japanese fabric, baby blue printed with tiny dogs playing. As soon as his accessories are made up, he will be going on to the Etsy shop. I will be making more of these, kittens too, as in production terms, it's not long until Christmas - how depressing is that?

I have painted 8 more varieties of potato in the past 10 days - the new brushes are actually very good. Just as well, as Royal Talens never did get back to me about where I can buy the other type. Thought you might like to see this one, not yet finished I must hastily point out or you will think I have gone potato-crazy and am just painting blobs with Jack-o-lantern faces on them! But this variety is actually that colour and really does have cream semi-circles round the 'eyes' - one of the most interesting so far, and called 'Smile' for obvious reasons.

This has been a good year, despite the rubbish weather here in the UK, for getting exotic plants to flower. I bought this hibiscus a couple of months ago with flowers already on it and did wonder if once they had died it would ever flower again. Generally, if something has been cultivated in a garden centre's greenhouse, it is very hard to replicate the conditions at home and the plant is usually a bit of a waste of time. However, this week I was rewarded for the nurturing by this spectacular bloom with the promise of several more to come. Now if only I could raise hummingbirds............

A small update on the fires in Athens, which are out at last. Finally got to speak to my sister, and apparently the flames got so close they were licking the garden fence but thanks to a lot of hard work and bravery by my nephew and friends, the fire got no closer. The whole area is devastated, with only two houses in their block saved. A tiny miracle, their cat turned up three days after the fire having been missing presumed dead, dirty, thin and frightened but unscathed.


Magpie Magic said...

You have been busy. The little dog is very cute and I like the new eyes/nose. Just make sure you add to the description that it's not suitable for small children so you won't be in trouble.

The potatoes look interesting, can't wait to see them finished.

You're far more patient with your flowers than I ever could be! LOL It looks stunning.

I am glad about the good news regarding your sister and her house. How brave of your nephew! I bet her cat hid somewhere during the fire and kept itself safe. Animals usually have an instinct for danger.

Have a lovely weekend and make sure you spend some time relaxing.

PG said...

Good to hear that your sister is ok, though it must have been terrifying, and how lovely to get the cat back.

I always use tiny eyes even on my little animals clips, (the smallest I use are almost the size of a pin head). I personally think they look better than beads, though I also like a well embroidered nose.

Caroline B said...

Thanks Sybille & PG,
I have to say that whilst I like the new eyes, I too prefer an embroidered's nice to get feedback from other people, as when you look at something for too long any opinion you may have had flies out of the window!

Everything in these little sets is so small, I always stipulate on Etsy that they are NOT suitable for anyone likely to put them in their mouths - it's not just the eyes, there are the buttons, the ID disc, the accessories, the list goes on!