Thursday, 13 August 2009

Violets & Blackberries


Here is my first shawl using a Victorian lace pattern. I started with the simplest pattern, not only to get into the swing of it, but also because I felt it showed off the texture of the pale violet Habu Cotton Gima yarn perfectly. This yarn is very interesting - although it is cotton, it feels like paper, thin and flat, and the finished garment has a crisp, almost starched, feel to it. This does not mean it is uncomfortable however!

Here it is laid flat - I actually made it shorter than the pattern stated, not just because I was starting to get bored but also I only had two very small balls of the yarn and was worried it would not make the distance. As it was, after completing the lacy edging, I was left with the tiniest amount so it was the correct decision to make.

Just as a matter of interest, despite the fragile appearance of this yarn, it actually washed really well and after blocking (stretching it into shape while wet and drying it flat) it 'set' very nicely.
This will be for sale on Etsy shortly.

Despite champing at the bit to get on with more lace, I am actually pacing myself and have started some denim yarn wristwarmers - a quicker project this time!

Blackberries Galore!

My daughter and I finally got to go blackberrying this morning! Stacie has been impatiently watching the bramble bushes for weeks now since they flowered and this week the berries are ripe at last. It wasn't raining for a change, so we donned our wellies, left the dogs behind as they are a nuisance when blackberrying as they always want to run ahead, and spent an hour hunting and gathering. We collected just over two pounds - plenty enough for some jam and a pear & blackberry crumble for tea, with pears off our tree.


Magpie Magic said...

What a beautiful shawl! It's so pretty, especially the delicate edge. I am so glad your yarn lasted the distance, it would have been a shame if it hadn't.

I am jealous of your blackberries. They look soooo delicious... I wouldn't mind some of the crumble either. LOL

natural attrill said...

Oooh, those yummy blackberries!

Boomka said...

the one in the tree looks like a lace spiderweb! What kind of fancy arachnids do you have in your garden? I love it!