Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Good-Time Gal Gloves and a Very Long Walk......

Although these gloves/wristwarmers were completed last week, it's taken me a while to come up with an idea for the trimming of them. They have been knitted with Rowan Denim cotton yarn in quite a fancy looking stitch. Then I brushed them with bleach and washed them in dilute bleach in order to give them a faded, worn look. I have sewn lace at the wrist and a little ruffle of lace on the top of the finger edge, and added a tiny blue gingham bow. I feel like I should be serving in a Wild West saloon when wearing them! These will be up on Etsy shortly, unless you'd like to snap them up now for £15!!
N.B. Perhaps I should have done the hand-modelling before going blackberry picking! Apologies for any visible scratches, juice or stinging nettle welts!

About five minutes walk from our house we have the Basingstoke Canal. I must confess to not having walked up there for months - mainly due to having a dog that freaks out on the lead if he comes across another dog on a narrow path. My daughter and I decided to stroll up there to do some blackberry picking today (for freezing this time) and had a very pretty walk.

The sun was shining, and although it is hardly the heatwave the media keep banging on about, it was warm and pleasant.

Hard to believe there is a main road a couple of minutes walk away!

We picked a fair few berries, but most of the best ones were about 7 feet up in the air - my daughter's suggestion of bringing a step went down like a lead balloon.....

We walked for about an hour and a half, returning through a playing field where we bumped into an old friend we haven't seen for months which was a lovely surprise, and then back through the woods to home and a nice glass of iced tea.

On the knitting front, I am currently making a lace fichu (fancy name for a collar!) out of Sublime mohair. At the moment it looks like something the cat dragged in as it will need some serious blocking when finished. It's a clever design though - you knit the long neckband and tie first, cast off one end of the tie and then knit the lace from the next 20 stitches, joining it to the neckband by knitting the last stitch of the row together with a stitch that has been left on the needle - seamless! It's about half way there now.

And in the afternoons it is the painting of interminable potatoes.......59 done now.........


Laura said...

Gorgeous gloves! Very Elizabeth-Bennett-For-The-21st-Century.

Looking forward to seeing the finished collar.

Happy potatoing!

Laura x

Magpie Magic said...

Very pretty wrist warmers. You are right, very Wild West. LOL

The lace collar is so pretty too. Clever design, although I can't quite work it out. I think it's one of those things you have to do to understand.

Love your pictures from the canal, especially the middle one.

Great news on the potato front!

Sybille x