Saturday, 15 August 2009

Mmmm....Gingerbread Too....

And here are the finished gingerbreads, extravagantly decorated by my daughter! Initially there were 48 considerably less since they were left cooling in the kitchen unattended. (There are some in the biscuit tin, we haven't eaten that many!)

My favourites are the polar bears, made with a cookie cutter I had forgotten I had hidden away in a drawer. These cooling racks by the way are probably older than I am - they were my mother's and I commandeered them when she died. I also have her old baking trays and remember these things being used when I was a child - they probably date back even further to the 1940/50's. Even the biscuit tin these cookies will go into must be over 40 years old and an intrinsic part of my childhood. I love the thought that these utensils have been used in our family for so many decades and hopefully will be remembered just as fondly by my own children.


Magpie Magic said...

They look lovely! Stacie did a brillant job.

soggibottom said...

Beautiful Stacie. Our cookie jar is nearly of us keeps eating them.!
All of my old baking tins had to be thrown when we flooded....I could have cried as they were old ones. No matter how hard I looked they couldn't be replaced. The old 'uns are the best.

natural attrill said...

I like the polar bears as well.
Lovely photo of Stacie, is that one of your necklaces that she is wearing?

Boomka said...

Ahhh Polar Bears! Oh my god I love those. They look fantastic! I can't remember if you read this one or not but I have a bit of a cookie obsession!
Oh man those looks so good.