Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Not Going to Happen.....

I'm nothing if not determined, but the time has come to admit defeat. I so wanted to have this jumper finished before I go on holiday so I could wear it while away, but with one and a half sleeves still to do, it's time to put it aside and concentrate on more important things....like packing! I'd have managed it too if it weren't for the yarn being held up during the postal strikes last week.

I've had these little shell paintings in mind for weeks now, but have had to focus on the potatoes instead. However, as soon as the last potato in the current batch was done, I grabbed the opportunity to start this little piece. I found it strangely difficult and have come to the conclusion that after all these weeks of working at high speed and only painting tubers, my brain is completely fried. So I have put down my pencils and brushes for now, and whilst I am taking a basic painting kit of sketchbook, pencil, brushpen & travelling water-colour box when I go, I am determined to only use them if I feel the urge - time to relax and re-charge the creative batteries I think.


Laura said...

Shame about the jumper - the pattern is great. I wowed over that in The Knitter.

Cute shell - must be nice to be painting non-potato objects!

Have a great holiday. :o)

PG said...

I always find that after a big session of something (even if it is something I enjoy) I HAVE to take at least one or two days off. I know there's no point in trying to get going at once, as I won't produce anything of any quality, and after your potato marathon you need that break!

Magpie Magic said...

The pattern looks great in the yarn, but it's a bummer it won't be finished in time for the holiday. :-(

The shell is looking lovely already. Can't wait to see it finished. :-)