Thursday, 29 October 2009

A Whistlestop Tour of Boston...

We discovered today that between us we have over 600 photos from our trip to Boston - that's going to take some sorting out when it comes to printing them! Other people's holiday snaps can be a terrible bore, so I have tried to reduce mine to a few choice ones that sum up our break.

We went to the New England Aquarium and saw penguins being hand-fed their breakfast....

...each one got their own portion of fish which was duly noted on a chart - to make sure no-one got left out.

We saw Myrtle the Turtle (not my choice of name!) being fed sprouts and broccoli.......

...this was to keep her from taking chunks out of the divers who were feeding the other fish in this enormous cylindrical tank which dominates the centre of the building.

My daughter's favourites were the seals, particularly the small one which reminded her of our dog for some reason.

This tank of jellyfish was incredible - I really want to turn our shots of these into a painting.

The Freedom Trail was a long hard slog in the rain - I am sure it was longer than two and a half miles! This is Paul Revere's house.

This fascinating graveyard had stones dating back to the 1600's, including Paul Revere's.

We were lucky to get on the final whale-watching trip of the year - our first attempt was cancelled due to rough seas. This wasn't a smooth trip by any standards but didn't merit the amount of throwing up going on around us by sea-wimps! This is Boston's skyline as seen from the boat.

We saw about 12 different humpback whales, including this mother and calf.

This has been a long-time ambition of mine, and I couldn't really believe I was actually on a boat seeing whales with my own eyes - it all felt very surreal.

The freezing cold wind felt real enough though! That amorphous lump swaddled in my arms is my daughter sheltering from the cold.......

...she emerged when we reached the shelter of the shoreline - Hello Eskimo Nell!

Here she is warming up eating 'Chowdah!' in Quincy Market.

The next day was a complete turnabout and was warm and sunny when we took the boat to Salem.

It being the week before Halloween, some people had gone all out with their decorations - how cool is this back yard!

This made me laugh..a lot! I now have this bumper sticker on my car - if you saw where I live and some of our neighbours, you'd appreciate this even more!

Hope this wasn't too dull! I have had a complete break from painting and crafting, but will get back into the swing of things in a few days after all vestiges of jet-lag have gone away.


Magpie Magic said...

Cool pictures. Your comment about the jelly fish made me laugh, they're so glorious they just ask to be painted. You managed to pack a great variety into your holiday and it looks like so much fun. Would have loved to stumble round Salem with you lot.

Sallie said...

Great photos. Thank you for sharing with us.

Helz said...

I am so pleased you all had a fab time! Helz x